Justin Bieber is on Homeland Security’s watch list

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

So as it turns out, when you spend a year tarnishing your reputation in the most public way possible, certain people take notice. Certain people like US customs, who are not too keen on people going in and out of the states with lord only knows what. Anyway, now Justin Bieber has landed himself on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection watch list, which means he and his little group of enablers will always get the stop-and-frisk treatment whenever they’re traveling. TMZ reports …

TMZ broke the story … when Justin flew into a New Jersey airport from Canada last Friday … U.S. Customs searched his plane and then grilled him for hours, before letting him leave. Law enforcement sources tell us … Custom’s flagged Bieber because he’s on a Homeland Security watch list for his two ongoing criminal cases. We’re told Bieber is subject to the exact same treatment every time he leaves and then re-enters the U.S. — a thorough search and then exhaustive questioning. It’s very hard to get off the watch list once you’re on it. You can appeal to Homeland Security but the agency has broad discretion. What’s more … if Bieber is found guilty or pleads no contest to any criminal charge, it will be extremely difficult for him to go under the radar again.

Well, why the hell not? It’s not like anyone close to him is ever going to tell him no, so at least someone is stepping in to fill the void. And if that someone just happens to be the people in charge of securing the borders? So be it. Seriously, if it were up to his enablers, Justin would literally just drive right across the border in a car made of weed and half-empty sizzurp cups. “I know, he hit two pedestrians and crashed his drug car into a chemical plant, but that’s just because the haters won’t focus on the music. Now, who has hand-out money for us?”

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