Justin Bieber made it rain at the strip club

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

As much as Justin Bieber likes to imagine he’s big and tough and mature, I’m still convinced he may secretly be one of those adult babies. Think about it: His pants look alarmingly like diapers, he pees in inappropriate places, and he needs to be carried whenever he starts getting cranky. And apparently, he’s incredibly receptive to familiar sights and sounds. According to In Touch, Justin reportedly dropped $7,000 on a stripper because they started playing one of his songs. I’m pretty sure if they brought out Foofa (Yo Gabba Gabba!), he would have given them his credit card. “The pin number is three-one-bleventeen. I gotta go tame that strange.”

During a recent visit to VLive, an alcohol-free strip club in Houston, sources tell In Touch that Justin Bieber dropped $10,000 in under 90 minutes. “I walked away with $7,000,” Diamond, the exotic dancer who performed for the pop star, exclusively tells the mag. “A few other girls split the rest,” she adds. Not surprisingly, Diamond says Justin wasn’t shy when it came time for a lap dance. “He grabbed my butt and asked if it was real,” she says, “and smiled when I said yes.” But Justin, 19, got most excited when his own unreleased song was played over the club’s sound system. “That was when he made it rain,” she says. “He went crazy!”

If there’s one thing I learned from three years of babysitting — other than “kids are awful and I’m never having one” — it’s that if you ever want a toddler to do anything, just play one of the three songs they know and give them something soft and squeezy to play with. Those girls played him like a fiddle. Nicely done.

Stripper 1: “You know what’s weird? I just started jangling my keys in front of Bieber, and he gave me a Bentley.”
Stripper 2: “That’s nothing. I hid my face behind a wash cloth and he legit thought I stopped existing. Managed to squeeze a condo in West Hollywood out of him for that one.”
Stripper 1: “Nice job.”
Stripper 2: “Up top!” *High-fives*

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