Justin Bieber might be linked to a cocaine ring?

Justin Bieber and Boyd

Justin Bieber and Boyd

I’m legitimately curious as to how much money and fame it takes to permanently shut off the part of the brain responsible for rational decision making, because I swear, there has to be some sort of mathematical formula to solve that one. Case in point, Justin Bieber is filthy rich and famous, and now RadarOnline is reporting that he not only posted a picture of a friend of his holding a bag of “white powder”, but that said friend might be linked to coke smugglers.

But RadarOnline has exclusively learned that one member of Justin’s inner circle could be a much more dangerous — and even deadly — friend. Justin’s friend Jason Boyd, known to Beliebers by the innocuous name “Poo Bear” is pals with dangerous international cocaine smugglers. On Monday, Justin posted a picture on Instagram of Boyd holding what appeared to be a small baggie of white powder and captioned the shot, “@poobearmdma whatcha got in your hand.”

So here’s a smart idea: Amass millions of followers on a social network and then post pics alluding to drug paraphernalia. For all we know, the guy’s holding a bag of baking powder, but generally speaking, this is the kind of stuff that normal people don’t do because they still have the part of their brain that says, “Hey, how about we don’t broadcast this kind of imagery to millions of people all over the world? No? Okay then.”


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