Justin Bieber: To be charged for misdemeanor vandalism only

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Remember that time Justin Bieber egged his neighbor’s house so hard he ended up causing thousands of dollars worth of damage? And then everyone immediately tied their hopes to it on the off-chance that they would deport Justin back to Canada, even though he’s YOUR FAULT, AMERICA? Well, it turns out, he’s only being charged with a misdemeanor vandalism, and according to RadarOnline, the sheriff’s department is PISSED.

Detectives investigating the egging incident are “absolutely furious” with the L.A. District Attorney for failure to even consider filing felony vandalism charge against Bieber, 20, a source told Radar. “He caused $20,000 in damage and there is just no denying that,” one law enforcement source, who asked not to be identified, said. “It sends the wrong the message to the community that celebrities are treated differently. This case should be filed against Justin as a felony, period.”

I mean, it’s good that the police are fully aware that celebrities are gaming the system, but then again, what can you do? The law favors those with enough power to influence it, and who has the public sway and the money to back it up? Celebrities. And while most of them are perfectly good people, you’re always going to have the little spoiled brats like Justin who teach kids that you can whatever you like as long as you have a lawyer good enough to ensure you’ll never be held accountable.

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