Justin Bieber’s wild and dangerous stunt was … weaksauce

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, bless his tiny, white, privileged, Stratford Ontario-born heart, has been trying his hardest to cultivate an image of him being a bad boy from the streets. I know, adorable innit? Well, for his latest stunt Justin decided to hang out of a moving car while riding a skateboard (see the video) because OH MAH GAWD HE’S SO HARD. Except TMZ just got footage of the exact same thing from a slightly different angle, and the results are … underwhelming.

We just got a new angle of Justin’s stunt — skateboarding next to his van while it rolled through L.A.’s Fairfax district — and it looks like they’re barely hitting 10 mph. The IG angle made it look more Jackass-worthy. The van DOES pull a “California roll” — cruising through a stop sign … a moving violation for the driver, but not Justin. So, Bieber on wheels — not death-defying … just stupid.

Surprise! Justin’s extreme skateboarding skills were actually more like a gentle stroll down the street as he was heavily guarded from danger and reality by a crack team of enablers. HARDCORE! But seriously, I’ve seen Rascal Scooters drive faster than that little punk. Maybe for his next stunt, Bieber can tie his shoes all by himself, or maybe even ride his bicycle in the parking lot. But only if he has his training wheels. Justin rides dirty, but he don’t be riding that dirty.

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