Justin Bieber claims he wasn’t speeding

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Yesterday, Justin Bieber was allegedly speeding around the streets of his gated community when Keyshawn Johnson decided to chase him down in his Prius and let him have it. Cut to today, where the cops are not only investigating Bieber’s last speeding allegation (where he allegedly also spat at his neighbor) but are now investigating Bieber over his latest speeding accusation. Except now Justin is claiming that he wasn’t speeding, it was someone else! Blame him! TMZ reports …

We broke the story … Keyshawn Johnson chased Bieber down in his Prius and then blocked his driveway. We’re told Keyshawn actually ran up the driveway into the garage and eyeballed Bieber jumping out of the car and running into the house. Law enforcement also tells TMZ … multiple witnesses “clearly saw” Bieber driving the car. We’re told the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. will refer the latest Ferrari case to the D.A. shortly. If things keep up, the D.A. is gonna need a special Bieber prosecutor.

It doesn’t exactly help Justin’s case that (A) there are numerous reports of him speeding over the past year or so, and (B) pretty much everyone in the neighborhood saw him do it. But of course, no one is actually going to hold Justin accountable for what he did, so he’ll just keep doing it until he either gets caught by cops who absolutely do not care who he is, or he seriously injures himself and/or others.

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