Justin Bieber seems completely sane!

Justin Bieber

Stop me if you guys heard this one before: A mother who watched all her dreams of stardom die in front of her has a kid, whom she forces to perform so that she can live vicariously through them. That kid is plucked from obscurity, turned into a pop superstar, and eventually starts to act like an erratic, crazy diva. Yes, that’s the story of literally every child star ever, and now it seems to be happening to Justin Bieber. After going out in public wearing cheetah-print diaper pants, Justin has decided to just start walking the streets shirtless, which is totally what normal, sane people do. Via TMZ

Justin Bieber turns 19 today … so he walked down the streets of London in half his birthday suit, lamely showing off his baby abs and his ultra-cool training boxers. The drop-crotch pants, and the Vanilla Ice fade haircut was just too cool for school. The only saving grace … he wasn’t wearing that stupid hat. The pic was snapped after his performance, as he walked to his hotel.

Okay Justin, now might be a really good time for you take a little break, hun, because you’re acting kind of … insane. Like, Britney Spears back in her “shave off all her head, attack people with an umbrella” days kind of insane. Which should probably tip everyone off to the fact that kids don’t have the emotional or psychological strength to handle working in entertainment, so seriously, let’s maybe wait a few years, m’kay.

Justin Bieber


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