Justin Bieber got banned from an Austrian club

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Because apparently tanking his reputation is too much work for him, Justin Bieber is now apparently having his bodyguards do it for him. According to a report from the Austrian Times, Justin was banned from a club in Austria after his bodyguards destroyed cameras and groped some Justin’s fans.

Baby Pop singer Justin Bieber has been banned from Vienna’s trendiest nightclub. He went to the Passage club in Vienna, Austria – built on the site of a converted underground station – where he was surrounded by bodyguards. According to the management at the club the bodyguards then smashed cameras of fans in the club, destroyed mobile telephones and even groped some of the young girl fans who reportedly left in tears after the Saturday morning assaults. Club manager Joachim Bankel confirmed: “Justin Bieber is no longer welcome here.”

Somewhere in Brazil, Lindsay Lohan just went “Pfft, amateur,” before literally throwing her car at a camera. Seriously, Justin is just Lindsay, if Lindsay still had money and a career. The kid’s basically a ticking timebomb at this point. I think Justin’s got about two years before he’s hitting babies with his car.

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