Justin Bieber’s tardiness enraged fans in London

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Another day, another story about Justin Bieber pulling some serious diva antics and alienating his fans. Last night, Justin was supposed to play a concert in London, and then showed up two hours late. Sorry Justin, but not even Axl Rose can get away with that crap, and he actually has a discography and some decent songs to back him up. Via HuffPo

Concertgoers said the teenage star appeared onstage at the 02 Arena on Monday just before 10:30 p.m., almost two hours after the anticipated start time. Some in the audience said they faced a choice between leaving early and missing the last trains home.

“There were teenage girls crying outside,” said financial analyst Louise Cooper, who had taken her 9-year-old daughter to the gig as a birthday present.

“The ladies sitting with us had to leave after 20 minutes and they had spent 70 quid (70 pounds, about $106) each on a ticket, which is really bad.

“It’s one thing if your demographic is 50-year-olds, but his demographic is lots of little girls who need to go home and go to bed.”

Tracy Wilson, who attended the show with her teenage daughter, said people began booing when Bieber had not appeared by 9:30. She called the lack of explanation “disgusting.”

Of course, Justin tried to play it off by claiming that he was only 40 minutes and then tried to blame it on technical issues, because of course he did. Once again, teenagers are spoiled little douchebags who dodge responsibility for their actions even when they’re completely broke and not famous. But when you take that teenage sense of self-entitlement and combine it with millions of dollars and a team of adults who spend all their time ensuring their unique little snowflake never has to be held accountable, this is exactly what happens.

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