Justin Bieber’s monkey was quarantined in Germany

Justin Bieber and his monkey

Justin Bieber and his monkey

Okay, real talk here? I suck at April Fool’s Day. My mother was amazing at it, and purposely did everything she could to make our lives miserable on April 1st, but apparently those genes skip a generation. So you don’t have to worry about any April Fool’s pranks today on PopBytes, if only because it would just go terribly. Even the stories that sound like April Fool’s pranks are completely real, like this story about Justin Bieber‘s capuchin monkey being quarantined in Germany. I know that sounds like a joke, but I must remind you, THIS IS A THING THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. CBC reports …

A German official says Justin Bieber had to leave a monkey in quarantine after arriving in the country last week without the necessary papers for the animal. The 19-year-old singer arrived at Munich airport last Thursday. Customs spokesman Thomas Meister said Saturday that when he went through customs he didn’t have the documentation necessary to bring the capuchin monkey into the country — so the animal had to stay with authorities.

All of this kinda begs for explanation. For starters, who would possibly think that Justin is responsible enough for a monkey? He auctioned off a snake after using it as an accessory, and he handed off a hamster to a random fan for no reason whatsoever. Cruella De Vil treats animals better than Justin does. Seriously kids, pets are living things, and they’re your responsibility to care for. You can’t just treat them like a toy that you can pawn off when you get tired of it because that makes you an asshole.

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