Justin Bieber’s neighbors hate him

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Last week, Justin Bieber was allegedly caught speeding around his gated community neighborhood and nearly had a fresh new a-hole stomped through his face by Keyshawn Johnson. Apparently, this isn’t the first time this has happened, and Justin has been something of a neighbor from hell, so now TMZ is reporting that his neighbors are banding together to force the Home Owners Association to take action against Bieber …

Neighborhood sources tell TMZ … several of the residents of Bieber’s Calabasas neighborhood are tired of waiting for their HOA to take action against Bieber … so they are planning to withhold their monthly dues until something is done. We’re told about 500 residents pay $1,000/month, so it’s a huge chunk o’ change that could be withheld. The goal, according to our sources, is to force the HOA to give Justin a stern reminder about the neighborhood rules he’s allegedly broken repeatedly — such as noise during parties (some while Justin was out of town), Justin’s friends parking on the street overnight … and, of course, the speeding.

Of course, Justin is more likely to see a dragon fly out of his ass than his comeuppance because, and I’m not sure you noticed this, Justin has a group of people whose sole purpose is to make sure he never has to be held accountable for his actions. Justin has his own protective little cocoon in place because gawd forbid his precious little bubble of unwarranted entitlement ever be popped. He would actually need to self-actualize and think about what he’s done with his life. Why bother with that crap when he can drive around his neighborhood at dangerous speeds? Win-win for Bieber!

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