Surprise! Justin Bieber’s lady Tati Neves also did porn!

Tati Neves

Tati Neves

So we already know that Justin Bieber‘s mystery Brazilian girl, Tati Neves, was a prostitute at some point in her life, has no problem riding a celebrity’s coattails, and has no problem talking to the press ad nauseum. Well, we can now add one more factoid to the list: She did porn! Good for her for doing actual work instead of just spending a night with Justin. Via Egotastic, which is SUPER NSFW in case that needed to be said …

I’ve feasted my peeps upon these mature themed cinematic adventures. The movies themselves are pretty varied, English language moaning, and about to be purveyed on the Internet from various sources unclear as to their precise source. Make no mistake about it, Tati Neves is not without her talents and what appears to be some decent level of experience. Not that I would be qualified to judge porn. I mean, I hardly ever look at the stuff, before 5am. Still, this is the first escort porn star to film Justin Bieber sleeping in his hotel room. Nobody forgets their first. Enjoy.

I like how Justin is trying his damndest to turn into winning-era Charlie Sheen. Although I guess the closest approximation would be current-day Rob Ford, considering they’re both from Ontario and neither one can go more than a day without embarrassing themselves in front of the entire world. With that in mind, I’m just going to sit here and wait for him to talk about his home-based p*ssy buffet. It’ll happen. By gawd, it will happen.

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