Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus: Busted for possession!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber‘s very special train wreck tour of 2013 decided to make a pit stop in Stockholm, Sweden, where cops immediately swarmed Justin’s tour bus and found narcotics (marijuana) and a taser. Oh, if only we had known that the vast majority of child stars grow up to be severely damaged adults with no grasp of reality or sense of responsibility for their actions! TMZ reports…

We’re told cops searched the bus in the parking garage of the Globe Arena — no one was on the bus at the time. Cops say they found a small amount of narcotics (they won’t say which drug, but local papers say it’s weed) — along with a taser. We’re told cops have not identified a suspect yet … and the bus has not been impounded. Bieber had been seen with his pal Lil Za in the hours before the weed incident … and FYI, Za is the guy who was seen smoking pot with Bieber at an L.A. home earlier this year. Cops tell us NO ONE WILL BE CHARGED because they have no idea who was in possession of the drug since the bus was empty. They found the narcotic on the floor of the bus so they have no clue who brought it on.

So basically, Justin once again put himself in a position where he could very well have been held accountable for his poor decision making, but then he got another get out of jail free card because he’s a cute little song-and-dance kid. Just putting this out there, but have his handlers ever considered that maybe he’d smarten up and act like a responsible adult if they stopped indulging his lesser qualities? Oh who are we kidding, they’d let Justin eat live kittens as long as his albums still made money.

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