Justin Bieber went to Hooters!

Because Hooters is like a strip club for those under the age of eighteen, Justin Bieber was spotted at a Hooters in the West Edmonton Mall (*Sniff* Sorry, felt a little patriotic there for a moment) where he got cozy with the wait staff and, I’m assuming, probably offered them all $50,000 to “do that thing with your mouth that Kim Kardashian does!”

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber turned more than a few heads when he dropped into the Hooters restaurant in the West Edmonton Mall on Saturday. “Within 30 to 45 seconds from him walking in the door we had anywhere from 150 to 200 people standing out front,” explained assistant manager Les Johansen, who said he offered to let Bieber take pictures with the Hooter girls. “He’s like, ‘That’s what I’m here for.”‘ SOURCE

I just want you to consider this for a second: Kim Kardashian took a picture with Justin Bieber and nearly had a fucking fatwa declared against her by a bunch of delusional twelve-year-old girls. Which is why I’m entirely sure that by the end of the day, that Hooters will have been bombed into smithereens by teenage girls hard up for lesbian schlong. “STEP AWAY FROM JUSTIN BIEBER’S DICK YOU WHORE. THAT IS MY DICK!” *Chucks a grenade behind the bar, then does the Xena warcry.*

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