Kanye West is throwing a fit over SNL’s Kimye sketch

Waking Up With Kimye

Waking Up With Kimye

If you missed Saturday Night Live over the weekend … eh. It was pretty good. There were never any bad sketches, although there were never any sketches that really just killed. Also, I don’t think they ever found a good way to incorporate Lady Gaga into the show, except for the stretch of sketches at the end that really hit it out of the park. (Taran Killam‘s speech critic during Weekend Update was absolutely genius though.)

Anyway, there was a sketch about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian around the beginning of the show, which basically painted Kanye as a delusional egomaniac and Kim as an idiot who’s controlled by her husband. So basically, accurate as all f**k. Well, according to Hollywood Life, Kanye is pretty pissed about the whole thing and is considering never going back to SNL again…

“Kanye was not happy about being dissed, he doesn’t think any of it is funny,” a source close to the singer told HollywoodLife exclusively. “He considers them to be one of the most influential couples that has ever existed. He might just refuse to go back on SNL ever again.”

Oh, and apparently Gaga was only too happy to sh!t on Kanye because there’s some bad blood between them …

“One of Lady Gaga’s favorite skits to do was the one making fun of Kanye and Kim,” a source close to the “Applause” singer said. ”She has had some bad blood with Kanye when their tour back in 2009 didn’t get off the ground due to the hate people had for his Taylor Swift stunt.”

Somewhere, up in the top floor of 30 Rockefeller Center, Lorne Michaels sheds a tear knowing he’ll never again deal with Kanye West’s “I AM GOD!” rants or the kavalcade of nasally Kardashians he brought along with him. What misfortune that he’ll never have to listen to Kanye rant about his leather jogging pants while he’s picking out which sketches to air! How deep his despair will be when he no longer has to put a ring of salt around Studio 8H to keep Kris Jenner from eating the new castmembers! Truly, this is his Waterloo.

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