Kanye West: The Kardashians are helping America!

The Kardashians

The Kardashians

Yesterday, Kanye West called himself a god, and oh how we laughed and laughed, assured that he would never say anything dumber than that. Except here he is saying that the Kardashians actually help America, so congrats! You said something worse than self-deification. Via RadarOnline

“A lot of what the Kardshians do,I don’t think they get enough credit for what they do. They prep America to accept interracial relationships,” he said about the family he’s marrying into. Kim’s sister Khloe Karsdashian is married to Lamar Odom, an African-American, and her younger sisters have dated African-American men as well.

“I’m not talking about me, I can hope on a plane. I can date a white woman, I can date a black woman, and no matter what they say in the barber shop don’t matter, because I don’t get my haircut there,” he said and laughed.

“For the people that do, though, there’s a white woman that’s getting talked down to by her friends because she’s dating a black guy. Now you’ve got a point of reference, that you can say, ‘Well, actually this couple right here, that’s dope.’”

All right, here’s the thing: He’s very nearly almost right. There are still a ton of Americans who are super racist and don’t agree with interracial relationships, and media representation of interracial marriages would really help change the public opinion. That being said, have you seen how the Kardashian’s relationships ended? Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are on the outs now because Lamar turned to crack, Kris Jenner sucks the souls out of everyone she dates, and Kim Kardashian is currently gold-digging you. Representing interracial couples in the media is a really great thing, but the Kardashians are evil demons who use relationships for money. They should not be held as the representative sample.

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