Slutty Kardashians sued over slutty purses!


Did you know that the Kardashians have their own line of purses? Despite the fact that, between the entire family, they only have one creative bone in their body. In Kim’s asshole. Well, they have their own line of purses, and now they’re being sued because one of the purses they “created” (read: Someone else designed them and they just slapped their name on them because that’s how capitalism works) looks like someone else’s creation.

Designer Monica Botkier fired off a cease and desist letter on Thursday to Sears — the retailer currently hocking the Kardashian line — insisting the $94 faux leather bag inarguably resembles her $600 Trigger Clyde Satchel.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Sears promptly pulled the KK bag from its website. SOURCE

First off, having seen the bag, I can say with perfect clarity, that mess is still about $93.99 more than I would ever pay for some faux-fur trash bag. Seriously, if you gave me a penny that would explode in 24 hours unless I used it to buy something, ANYTHING, I still would not trade it over for that heap of crap because I’d sooner die than be seen with some animal print slut clutch like that. Anyway, while the bags are similar, I wouldn’t say it’s a complete rip-off. Although maybe I just personally would never take responsibility for that fashion turd.


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