dont waste yr time folks – i was semi-intrigued since i did love the movie with JLO and george clooney (altho we all know what a fallout me and jlo have had – dudes she is wrong) anyway i digress – was also interested in robert forster – but i watched like 5 minutes of it – and i had to delete from the tivo – thumbs down!

saw quick snippets of this film coming out on xmas – nicole kidman – JUDE LAW – and renee z (i cant bother to spell or type it – and BTW she is like a size 12 or 14 for her sequel to bridget jones – this is called EDGE OF REASON) but this movie set in civil war times – looks amazing – just a small FYI – and shot in the romanian mountains??!??

i dont think anyone saw this movie – but it was on HBO tonight – and for those of you havent seen it – i highly recommend – and besides CATHERINE KEENER is in it – and cutie ed norton (did you see 25th hour – fuck this was amazing) anyway check out death to smoochy – i enjoyed it

small disclaimer – i base things on what i enjoy – last night read a trashing review of the revised PRACTICE – and i totally disagree – got me thinking – do i have bad taste??? but the answer is a resounding NO – i go on what i enjoy – what i find stylish and exciting – and if other critics say NAY – then SCREW em – again for those of you who have met/known me – i think you get me – its all good – sat night is coming – cant wait to see halle and britney on SNL – phew – will they kiss? my bet is no – altho i think they will come jokingly close –
cheers y’all – mk – and shit please check out KILL BILL – i cant get it out of my head – and i desperately need entrance to the LA premiere of KILL BILL 2 – anyone out there can help? its in feb – and would so much appreciated!!! – and check out the nifto website – www.kill-bill.com – and while yr at it – the soundtrack rules – dudes it has nancy sinatra – i saw her live in like 95 when she did the penthouse layout – at the limelight in the last glory club days of NYC – lee hazelwood was there – she was awesome – altho some people tossed drinks on her – anyway KILL BILL VOL 1 rules in all ways!

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