Kate Hudson is a great mother-to-be!

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy

Reason #8563 why Hollywood just absolutely goddamn loves adopting babies: drinking. Case in point, actress Kate Hudson was spotted having dinner in Argentina having a giant-ass glass of red wine despite the fact that she’s totally preggers (with her boyfriend Matt Bellamy‘s baby). In all fairness, considering the amount of Nazis in Argentina, this is probably the least awful thing anyone in Argentina has ever done.

The actress was spotted sipping from what looks like a large glass of red wine. While some believe that imbibing in moderation while pregnant is OK, many experts disagree. A New York-based OB-GYN who has not treated Hudson says of her choice of beverage, “Right now, no one really knows what amount of alcohol is harmful for the fetus, so it’s recommended that you don’t drink at all during pregnancy.” SOURCE

Okay, so chances are one drink won’t horribly damage a fetus (or at the very least, we don’t know for sure either way), but still, how hard is it to not drink when you’re pregnant for nine months? I mean Jesus, the morning sickness is bad enough, can you imagine that with the added bonus of a hangover and a child who will probably be born with flippers? So not worth the Cowboy Cocksucker.

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy

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