Kate Moss couldn’t control her bladder!

Kate Moss

Because we will never, in a million years, get tired of stories featuring whores and pee (google “whores + pee” and Kim Kardashian will be the first thing to come up), a new blind item from a fashion intern who worked on a shoot with a “nameless supermodel best known for a drug scandal” who, let’s face it, is most likely Kate Moss pissed in her pants during the middle of a fashion shoot. Probably because she doesn’t have enough muscle left to control her bladder. Via Gawker:

My first fashion internship was in the PR department for a beloved British designer. One of her best friends, a well known supermodel (the best known supermodel?) was fronting her spring campaign. I thought getting the designer, the model and the famous photographer to St. Barth’s on the same plane on the same day for the same 12 hours was a nightmare (try booking a flight to St. Barth’s-there is like a nine person shuttle plane that runs once or twice daily) but then the clothes came back post-shoot. Turns out the model, who was in the midst of a drug scandal, couldn’t quite hold it together and the white sample suit was soaked in pee. Vogue needed it for a shoot that afternoon, so guess who got to wash it out?

Yeah, this is probably Kate Moss. Mostly because there are only like three or so actual supermodels whose names you could probably think of at a given moment, and Kate is the only one who got busted for doing cocaine. Case closed.

Kate Moss

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