kate voegele guest bloggin’

hey hey! since it’s monday – when i always toss up something as my ‘monday .mp3’ – i wanted to post a few comments from kate voegele who was featured two weeks ago with her song only fooling myself! i mentioned she’d be doing a little guest blogging here on popbytes and she sent me her comments posted below on two recent posts of mine – she’ll be back again soon with a few more guest posts! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

kate comments on mr. andy samberg… (original post)

andy samberg is awesome. i was just in new york city for some shows and meetings last week and was pumped to see the billboard for his new movie in times square. definitely can’t wait to see it…i’ve been a fan since someone insisted i watch his “roy rules” video on youtube…seriously, go type it in and watch it…it’s awesome ha-ha. and obviously ‘dick in a box’ is a total classic. it never gets old. i didn’t know he was rumored to be with natalie portman…i love her! i feel like they would be unexpectedly cute together. he definitely makes saturday nights that much better and hopefully we’ll see a lot more of him on the big screen…

kate comments on sarah jessica parker… (original post)

so excited about sarah jessica parker in elle next month…and i too have mixed feelings on the ‘sex and the city’ movie…great show, but pulling off a movie version will definitely be a challenge. i have faith though…no way would they screw up something that everyone will obviously have sky high expectations for. i’m also really excited to check out her new clothing line…on top of the fact that everything is under $20 (seriously?! that is so crazy….but awesome!) i hear the clothes are really cute. a few of my friends have picked up a couple of things by her from steve and barry’s, so i guess i’ll have to go and see what its all about. i think it’s awesome that she’s finally doing a clothing line, because let’s be honest…’carrie bradshaw’ could basically pull off anything she wanted…which in turn gives me the idea i can pull of whatever…which may or may not be a good thing, but still…i think she redefines what is acceptable and fashionable whether she’s playing carrie or just being herself…

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