Kate Walsh canceled Bristol Palin!

Admittedly, I don’t watch Private Practice, and I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy a couple years ago during the height of Katherine Heigl‘s bitch phase. That being said, Kate Walsh I’ve always found endearing as hell, but not she’s apparently in the middle of some huge shitstorm for retweeting a message on Twitter about boycotting a speech Bristol Palin was giving at Washington University about abstinence.

When the Private Practice star heard that Palin was set to give a speech about abstaining from sex at Washington University in St. Louis, she sent out a tweet in support of students who had been protesting the planned talk all week:

Welcome to the Idiocracy! RT @elliekirsh: @katewalsh please join students at Wash.U. to boycott Bristol Palin’s speech on abstinence. What does she know about college or abstaining? SOURCE

Now a few Twitter groupies are bitching her out for “not supporting freedom of speech”, despite the fact that boycotting IS freedom of speech. Specifically, the freedom to not have to listen to some chunky airhead talk about how fucking a hillbilly ruined her life by giving her a career. Gosh, maybe next you can have one of those bitches from Teen Mom come in and talk about how teenage pregnancy is bad, except when MTV gives you a show.

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