katharine mcphee is so ‘over it’

UPDATE oh my gosh i’m so sorry! in my dazed haste this morning i accidently thought ms. mcphee’s new album was called ‘a gift for you’ – which i thought was a terrible title…thankfully i was wrong and her debut album is actually self-titled! many thanks to my dear readers who quickly clued me in!

hello hello hello! oh that idol gal katharine mcphee is about to release her debut album (badly titled ‘a gift for you’ – what did she get us? her box in a box?) at the end of the month (jan 30th) the first single called over it (streaming below) is starting to make the rounds…i wasn’t a crazed kat fan by any means but she’s a decent singer and i’ll say she is strikingly beautiful…there’s no question about that! the single is OK yet i think it could turn into a small guilty pleasure (dance remixes could be hot) but it does give some hope for a shot at a decent career – i couldn’t stand kelly clarkson but now a few years later and i do adore ms. clarkson so we’ll see what happens with ms. mcphee – listen to a stream of her single (sorry this week it’s not a .mp3) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

» listen to katharine mcphee’s over it « real player | windows media »

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