Kathy Griffin might really be heading to ‘Fashion Police’

Kathy Griffin and Joan Rivers / Fashion Police

Kathy Griffin and Joan Rivers / Fashion Police

It’s always super awkward when a show loses a main star–for the sake of the rest of the cast and crew, the show must go on (if the ratings are good), but the absence will remain. Such is the case with Fashion Police, which must now soldier on without the presence of the legendary Joan Rivers. Thankfully, they’re doing the smart thing by continuing with the blessing from Joan’s daughter Melissa Rivers, and attempting to get Kathy Griffin to take up the torch. Via Deadline

Earlier this week Griffin confirmed that “they did offer (Fashion Police) to me,” adding that “I don’t know if the situation is correct at this time for me or right for me at this time.” E! and parent NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group had no comment but an insider confirmed that Griffin is currently in talks for the job, adding, ”we would love for Kathy to join Fashion Police. She has had a long, close and collaborative relationship with Frances Berwick dating back years on Bravo.”

I hate to compare Joan with Kathy, because I believe both of them stand on their own merits rather than any perceived similarities, so let’s try and look at this objectively according to what the job entails. You need to have a tried and true comedy background, you need to love mocking the rich and famous, and you need to have a huge gay following because, well, you’re on E! All of which Kathy has. I think she’d be amazing for the job, but ultimately, taking it up is going to be her decision.

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