Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are a couple?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

Apparently, when Katie Holmes rebounds, she rebounds big. After leaving Tom Cruise in the biggest way ever last year, it looks like she’s finally ready to date again, and now she and Jamie Foxx are an item. Which … yeah, good for her! They make a pretty cute couple, don’t you think? InTouch reports …

“Katie and Jamie have been dating for a while,” an insider reveals to In Touch, adding that Jamie has secretly been spending time at Katie’s apartment. “They’re very Mission: Impossible about their romance.” A second source confirms to In Touch that one early morning in mid-September, a driver pulled in front of the Trump Soho Hotel, prepared to take Jamie to the set of his new flick Annie — but was surprised when Katie stepped into the limo instead. “A hotel employee confirmed that Katie had stayed at the hotel with Jamie and that she was taking his car,” the second source reveals. “So the driver drove her home to her Chelsea apartment.”

Though sparks were clearly flying between Katie and Jamie, 45, when they danced together to Robin Thicke’s sexy “Blurred Lines” at a Hamptons charity bash in late August, Katie’s rep insisted they were still just “friends.” But with Jamie’s long friendship with Tom — who he once said “changed the projection of my career” — on the line, it’s no surprise the new couple want to keep things quiet. “Whoever you’re dating, don’t let anybody know!” intensely private Jamie once told Oprah Winfrey, but added, “I’m very loving … when it comes to being there [for someone].”

Honestly, this all kind of makes sense when you consider that Jamie is, in a lot of ways, pretty far removed from Tom (and Scientology) …

Jamie: Okay honey, I just got the peanut butter down from the top shelf without using a stepladder.
Katie: OH GOD YES. Now tell me your religious views.
Jamie: I’m Christian.
Katie: No aliens?
Jamie: No aliens!
Katie: Total sploosh.

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