Katie Holmes has friends? Who knew?!

Katie Holmes

Wow! I’m surprised Katie Holmes‘ hubby Tom Cruise let her have a night out on the town (not looking dazed and confused for once) in NYC with friends! I didn’t even realize she had any, I always wonder if she’s ever going to break free from Xenu and Tom?! I’ve been telling girlfriend to run for years now but Katie is probably still under her contractual obligations, so my advice has fallen on deaf ears! The one thing that really does surprise me is that she hasn’t given her adorable daughter Suri a sibling yet, but there’s still time for more Cruise spawn. Soon we’ll be seeing Katie in that mini-series about the Kennedy clan, which actually looks quite terrible, her career certainly didn’t get a boost from marrying Tom which perhaps she was hoping for when she signed on the dotted line, better luck next time Katie!

Katie Holmes

Actress Katie Holmes kept warm in New York City with a fur stole across her shoulders as she headed to a friends for a dinner party on March 15th, 2011. Katie has been a busy mom on the go with projects such as collaborating with her stylist Jeanne Yang for her fall 2011 Holmes & Yang collection.

Katie HolmesKatie HolmesKatie HolmesKatie HolmesKatie HolmesKatie Holmes


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