Revealed: Katie Holmes’ mystery man!

Katie Holmes and Jonathan Wolfe

Usually when you break up with someone, the general rule is that you can be sad one week for each year the two of you were together. Unless of course you voluntarily ended it, grabbed your daughter, and flew across the country just so that you could get away with him. Then I guess you’re allowed, like, three days of Ben & Jerry’s binging, tops. Which is probably why when Katie Holmes was seen out to dinner with a man, everyone assumed she had already rebounded. Except not really, because that was actually just her lawyer. E! Online reports:

Has Katie Holmes already moved on with her love life (you know how popular rebound romances are in Hollywood)? The actress was seen enjoying a dinner date in New York City Friday night at the NoMad Hotel in Manhattan’s Gramercy neighborhood with a man we thought might be a possible new fling for Tom Cruise’s ex, but ’twas not the case. According to People, Holmes was enjoying the company of Jonathan Wolfe, her lawyer, and his wife Renee.

Jonathan Wolfe you say? We now know the name of the single best lawyer in the world! Seriously, do you know what kind chutzpah you need to not only break it off with Tom Cruise, but up and leave him and put an entire country between him and Suri Cruise … then come out of that the winner? Actually, are we sure Jonathan isn’t a sorcerer? That’s it, isn’t it? Jonathan is a sorcerer. Case closed.

Katie Holmes and Jonathan Wolfe

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