Katy Perry avoided Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry

You’d figure what with her absolutely stunning, soon-to-be award-winning portrayal of Liz Taylor, as well as her dramatic turn in The Canyons, everyone should want to be around Lindsay Lohan. Well, maybe not in a car, but still … anyway, such is not the case, as Katy Perry reportedly spent the entire time at a roller disco party avoiding LiLo, which honestly just sounds like a bad improv scene if ever there was one. “Can I get two famous people? Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan? All right, and a location? A roller disco? Son of a- You know what? Fine. FINE. Let’s just do this.” The Sun reports:

Katy Perry wasn’t very welcoming to Lindsay Lohan when she tried to befriend her at a roller disco. Katy ordered pals to get rid of the actress at the party she threw for her stylist Johnny Wujek in California a couple of weeks back. A source said: “Lindsay followed Katy around trying to take a photo with her. Katy told her friends to keep her away as she was acting really weird.”

What exactly do you have to do for Katy to think that you’re acting “really weird” anyway? This is a woman who walks around with whipped cream cannons strapped to her boobs. Something is going terribly wrong when that is saner than whatever you’re doing. “Wait, is Lindsay driving a rented Porsche around track? Oh for- and she’s going straight for the baby carriage. Fantastic. Let’s just back away quietly towards the door.”

Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry

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