Katy Perry’s firework infused boobs support gay teens!

So the video for Katy Perry‘s new single, Firework, was just released, and to her credit, Katy dedicated the video to the It Gets Better campaign. Say what you will about her, but I like the video; she’s actually encouraging gay kids rather than shooting the shit about how she used to be bullied but now her life is super awesome and yours isn’t. Oh, and also, she shoots fireworks out of her boobs. Soooooo … yeah, there’s that.

In order to better support the It Gets Better campaign, I’ve decided to start the You Can Make It Look Like An Accident! campaign, designed to make life easier for gay teens now by teaching them how to … errr, take care of anti-gay bullies. Hey, they’re already dead on the inside anyway, so really, who’s to say they didn’t accidentally trip down those stairs? The police will never know!

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