Katy Perry’s parents seem nice!

Katy Perry, Mary Perry Hudson, Keith Hudson

Remember how Katy Perry‘s mom was shopping around a book about how she thinks her daughter is Satan’s whore and that she’s going to hell, all while riding her to fame and fortune? Yeah, that hasn’t changed at all. They’re now pretty much basing their entire ministry around their daughter, even going so far as to say that she and her husband, Russell Brand are going to hell.

Their services repeatedly namecheck Perry and her husband, Russell Brand, the English comic with a lurid past of drug addiction and rampant promiscuity. In his London sermon, it’s an odd mix of boastful exhilaration (“Anyone here heard of Russell Brand? He’s my son in law. I love Russell. He’s a wonderful man.”) and overwrought condescension (“We pray for him — pray for the entertainers.”) The fundamental message, however, is simple: Keith and Mary disapprove of their daughter and her peculiar husband, but by God they are enjoying the attention. Take Keith’s recent performance in Hertfordshire, England, scene of that extraordinary exclamation: “I kissed God — and I liked it!” Tears in his eyes, he went on: “I understand the burden of having a daughter or son that is not serving God. When my daughter came out and sang that song, ‘I kissed a girl, and I liked it.’ I said, ‘My ministry is over.’ SOURCE

Gosh, that’s nice. You know, father’s day is coming up this weekend, and I wouldn’t really hold it against Katy if she got her dad an active grenade. “Oh look! A package from our paycheck, Katy? Awwww, isn’t that sweet, our money sent us an antique grenade! … That’s weird, don’t these things usually have a pin in them? *KABOOM*”

Katy Perry, Mary Perry Hudson, Keith Hudson

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