Katy Perry’s Going To Try Acting Again

Alright, so as previously shown, Katy Perry isn’t really much of an actress. To be fair, she can make a decent pop song and she has big magical, titties so that’s a pretty fair trade-off, right? Right. Regardless of this fact, it looks like Katy Perry is gonna try her hand at actressin’ again in an upcoming guest spot on How I Met Your Mother, the only show in the world that has ever taken six seasons to tell a story that could have taken five minutes.

The newlywed “Firework” singer, 26, will play the role of Honey, a cousin of Zoey’s (Jennifer Morrison), who joins the cast as a potential love interest for Josh Radnor’s character Ted.

“Katy is a tremendous talent and we are delighted to be able to work with her,” HIMYM’s co-creator and executive producer Carter Bays tells UsMagazine.com in a statement. SOURCE

So chances are, this is going to be another episode where Ted falls hopelessly in love with a girl after all of five seconds, Lily and Marshall do something goofy and adorable, Robin acts like the voice of reason and Barney tries to motorboat Katy Perry. I love this show and all, but would it kill you to change your name to something more accurate, like How My Friends and I Fucked About New York City for Six Years Before I Met Your Mother?

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