keep on pumpin’ kristin cavalleri

jeez for some reason i have it in for this girl – she is really just a glorified ‘real world’ character – laguna beach was a dumb guilty reality TV pleasure and now she is running all over the place like she is some big ass celebrity – yeah she is cute & seems nice & all…but dudes what has she done? (she is cute but i wouldn’t call her super hot – jessica simpson is certainly hotter…) she just keeps boring me to tears – just as boring as these photos below of her pumping gas – who the fuck cares or has time to? plus i harbor a secret hatred for white cars! i am sure she has a slew of fans that probably want to burn me at the pop stake for lashing out on her but i just can’t deal with kristin cavalleri! i have seen her pictures a bunch of times but i think if i fell over her i would not even realize who she is! i am so curious to see where this ‘lady o’ laguna’ lands – all the best to you ms. kristin…does anyone else agree with my peeves on her? popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


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