hey all – ok some quick fun things –

oh – remember HARLEMM LEE – the cute talented winner from FAME (who could forget him!) – well his album – INTRODUCING HARLEMM LEE has been out since NOVEMBER – i had no clue – i dont think anyone knows – so they were like yeah you can do a record but no one will know about it – i listened to some clips – and it was very decent – and SHANNON BEX (another FAME contestant) does a duet with him! so keep yr eyes out for it!! go harlemm – screw them!! :)

SEX AND THE CITY – i think there are like 2 left? And after lasts weeks – I cant wait to see what happens – that whole girl falling out the window was kinda a jarring scene – kristen johnson is fab! and it seemed elizabeth taylor was pregnant for a short time – those puppies came quick! and i think carrie really will go to paris – ah paris!

KELIS did a great job last night on SNL – drew barrymore was the host – and it was a decent episode – complete with maya rudolph as donatella – and drew as courtney! i picked up the retail version of AMERICA’S SWEETHEART – and the package is great – complete with lyrics – altho i have noticed a slight difference in my advanced copy vs the new one! how odd!

new ALIAS and PRACTICE tonight – on ALIAS – quentin tarantino and vivica a fox guest – and this reminded me KILL BILL VOL 2 is due soon! and if you havent seen KILL BILL VOL 1 – you missed out – it is SUPERB – the best! uma rocked – the music rocked – and it was a great time! please dont miss then when it comes to DVD – warning though the violence factor is crazy BUT – its such fun! and daryl hannah rocks too – gosh she is gorgeous – albeit slightly eccentric – but i think very talented, sweet, and genuine.
KELLY CLARKSON is due on RYAN SEACREST this week – so expect some stills from that – shouldnt be as crowded as it was for britney – you all know i had that obsession for MISS INDEPENDENT – but her new single – THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE – is just ok – i doubt i will be obsessed – and guess what – remember KIM LOCKE – one of the best from last years IDOL – well her album is due soon AND i heard her first single – its something like SEVEN WONDERS – and i must say my initial impression was its going to do VERY good – it was kinda upbeat – and she sounded great – and it was a slightly different sound from her than we heard before – i think she will take it up! and everyone watch out for FANTASIA – this 19 yr old has it all – and simon says so! oh simon – he is a darling!

speaking of simon – he will be on OPRAH tomorrow as a guest for her POP CHALLENGE – the winner gets a record deal with EPIC – and i saw all 8 finalists perform last week – and they all pretty much kicked ass! and they are a bit older than the under 24 idol eligibles.

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