Kellan Lutz won’t be in Britney Spears’ new video!

Britney Spears and Kellan Lutz

Good to see that Britney Spears respects the sacredness of the dibs. Anyway, Britney reportedly asked Kellan Lutz to be in her new music video as some sort of sexy boy toy robot thing, but apparently, Kellan’s camp turned her down because … well, I’m not really sure why. Maybe he’s allergic to that weird Cheetos dust that gets on your fingers and turns everything you touch orange. Pretty sure that stuff is radioactive.

Spears was trying to land Kellan Lutz to play her love interest in the video for her latest single, I Wanna Go, but the Twilight hunk politely declined the role, according to E! Online. The singer first met Lutz at ‘An Evening of Southern Style’ benefit dinner she hosted earlier this month. The video, which is being filmed in L.A. this week, is said to feature very little choreography and will feature Spears’ personality and sense of humor. SOURCE

Well, probably for the best that he declined. I love you Britney, but if you broke the sanctimony of the dibs … well, the natural world doesn’t take too kindly to that shit. Remember the dodos? They broke dibs once, and you know what happened to them? They evolved to the point where they couldn’t fly anymore! Oh, and then a bunch of a-hole settlers shot them to death.

Britney Spears and Kellan Lutz

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