kelly rowland gets her mashup on!

hey hey! as per usual DJ paul v. brings us another bangin’ mashup track – featuring kelly rowland from destiny’s child – gosh i hope at some point the ladies reunite for something (i’m sure they will – $$$ – just like the spice girls) but for now we can enjoy kelly’s solo album – and soon i’ll be seeing beyonce in concert when she brings her show to los angeles! i’m not sure what michelle williams has been up to recently but i’m sure she has something in the works! go ahead & have a listen below to this week’s mashup! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

This week, we give some love to the girl who used to be in the shadow of the big diva. She might not have the bold-ass pipes of Beyonce‘, but at least she ain’t falling down stairs in a hideous outfit! Yeah, Kelly Rowland – always the sweet one from Destiny’s Child – has her 2nd solo record going on now, and her phat debut single (featuring Eve) works a charm teamed up with Kanye West‘s latest, which itself is built on a sample from Daft Punk. Our boy Tizwarz says take your mashup vitamins and feel ‘Stronger Like This.’

listen to Tizwarz – Stronger Like This [.mp3 5.3mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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