Kendall Jenner turned 18 … so here are her nipples!

Apparently, turning eighteen in the Kardashian family activates Kris Jenner‘s blood contract for an eternity of famewhoring, which if voided results in a banishment to the land beyond the mirrors. (That’s right: Whenever you catch something in the mirror that shouldn’t be there? Damned Kardashian soul.)

Anyway, it’s time for Kendall Jenner to complete her transformation into Kim Kardashian, so last night she posted a picture on Instagram of her barely-legal nipples. Sorta. I mean technically she’s just wearing a sheer shirt with no bra, but let’s face it: She’s a Kardashian. She had a goal in mind, and she went for it. With her nipples. Her 18-year-old nipples.

Kendall Jenner


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