TGIF! Ke$ha electrocuted her vagina!



It’s Friday, and this weekend is the Northbound Leather Fashion Show which we’ve got tickets for, so I’m just going to close out for the weekend the only way I know how: Ke$ha electrocuting her vagina while doing something she was in no way adequately trained to do. Canoe reports …

Sparks fly when the “Die Young” singer grinds the custom-made metal chastity belt she wears on stage with a handheld band saw, and she almost went too far during one recent performance. The hitmaker explains, “It’s super dangerous… but it looks so cool and my fans are way into it.”

“At this one show … I was doing that and all of a sudden I start getting electrocuted while I was grinding on my vagina and it was super scary and intense … I think everyone thought I was partying.”

For the record, I know some people who know how to do the power grinder thing, and you know how long it took them to learn how to master that whole thing? Years. Years and years and years of practice. So that they wouldn’t accidentally electrocute themselves. Seriously, SUPER DANGEROUS. Learn how to do it properly first before you start power-sanding your junk.

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