Ke$ha gave Andrew W.K. an infection!

Ke$ha and Andrew W.K.

In the absolute least surprising news ever, Andrew W.K. (remember him? He was that PARTY HARD PARTY HARD PARTY HARD guy. Aaaaaaand now you have that song stuck in your head. You’re welcome!) was hanging out with Ke$ha recently, and he ended up walking away with an infection that required a trip to the hospital. But here’s the shocking twist: It wasn’t an STI. Turns out, Ke$ha decided to tattoo him and the dumb bitch didn’t use a clean needle. What a Dumbass. Starpulse reports:

The Party Hard hitmaker invited the party girl to try out her skin art skills on him, but he needed medical attention when the ink effort turned bad. He tells, “It got infected. It’s an unfortunate aftermath and my body ended up rejecting the ink and I had to go to the doctor. But it actually left a nice scar which was, in fact, cooler than the tattoo that’s in the exact shape of the tattoo.” And it seems Andrew W.K. is keen to give the Tik Tok singer another chance to tattoo him: “If the scar heals a little bit more, I might go back and try again.”

First off: DUMBASS. The first rule of tattooing is that you ALWAYS USE FRESH NEEDLES. If you go to a tattoo place and you notice them reusing old needles, LEAVE AND DO NOT GO BACK. Getting tattooed with old needles can result in a host of unpleasant infections, up to and including HIV. This is why most shops will make you watch them take fresh needles out of the packaging and subsequently destroying and disposing of the needles afterwards (one place I went to that was really good went so far as to break the needles in half. Kudos, fellas). And second, it usually takes around two years for scar tissue to heal enough so that you can tattoo over it without causing skin damage, so no Andrew W.K., you will not go back to Ke$ha. You will go to a qualified tattoo artist like a sane, rational person.

Ke$ha and Andrew W.K.

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