Kim and Kanye are arguing about North West?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a perfectly healthy relationship predicated on attention love, so of course they’re arguing about how best to use their baby girl, North West, for publicity. Kanye is convinced that he shouldn’t whore out their baby (yay!) because no one is worthy of gazing upon her (…) while Kim is a Kardashian and therefore has fame pimping running through her veins, and is now wearing down Kanye’s defenses. RadarOnline reports …

“Kanye never wants anything public to be out there about his daughter. He wants to keep her all to himself and her family, he doesn’t think anyone else deserves to see her, but things are slowly changing,” the source said. “Kim is the one that wants to share every single thing Nori does with the whole world. She loves when people gush over her daughter and talk about how cute she is. It’s a huge sense of accomplishment for her and she doesn’t want to give that up.” The source said the new parents have come to a compromise about handling the press around their daughter. “Kim is ok with just sharing pictures for now, but she is really anxious for people to see her interacting with her daughter. She loves Nori and knows the whole world will too, she just has to convince Kanye that nothing bad will happen if she’s in the public eye more often.”

So if I’m reading this right, Kim’s baby is going to grow up and write this generation’s Mommie Dearest. Tell me that’s not what’s happening here, because let’s face it: Kris Jenner already ruined all of her kids, so it only makes sense that now they’re just going to pass that on to their kids.


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