Kim and Kanye: Being delightful at Paris Fashion Week!

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North West

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North West

You know that old reality TV staple phrase–I’M NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS!–? Well apparently, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West must have that on a Post-it note on their bathroom mirror. Last time we left them, Kimye had so thoroughly pissed off everyone at Paris Fashion Week that sources were sniffing about how Kim got her booty tackled and everyone was cool with it. According to Page Six, it appears they’re still not endearing themselves to the fashion elite, after one of Kanye’s bodyguards reportedly got heated with a fashion editor …

The pair showed up at Givenchy’s show, where their bodyguards got aggressive with showers. “One fashion editor didn’t move fast enough [at the exit],” said a spy, “and was physically shoved by one of Kimye’s guards.” Then “the guard threatened to punch her,” the spy said. “They were shoving people out of the way — these are professional people, not fans,” sniffed the witness. Kim and Kanye also arrived with baby, North — whom Paris attendees have nicknamed “Lil’ Kimye” — to see Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner in the show, but the tyke was cranky and “trying to sleep.”

See what I mean? Again with the sniffing! Apparently, sniffing is how the rich and fabulously dressed register their utmost disdain. Not that I blame them because (A) if your bodyguards are threatening to punch slow women, you may want to have them sit down for a seminar on sensitivity training, and (B) who brings a baby to a fashion show? When I was a baby, my mom wouldn’t even bring me to a Disney movie. Bringing a baby to a fashion show is just going to make the girl cry and it’s going to irritate everyone around you. Your baby won’t be too upset if she can’t see Givenchy’s 2015 Spring line first.


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