Kim Kardashian’s baby girl knows why her mom is famous

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and North West

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and North West

Hey, remember how Kim Kardashian ‘leaked’ a sex tape onto the market to promote her show, and then she spent the rest of her career pretending that it was a ‘leak’ and that Ray J never peed on her? Well, apparently even North West is aware of Kim’s sex tape beginnings, because she peed on daddy Kanye West during their Vogue cover shoot. Good callback, kid! Us Weekly reports…

One thing the E! star didn’t know for sure herself was whether said photos and interview would land them on the cover. “I knew it was happening of course,” Kardashian, 33, says, “but I didn’t know it would be the cover. I’m just so honored.” Although baby Nori, 9 months, looks absolutely adorable in the final shots, she didn’t completely behave herself during the sessions. “North peed on Kanye in that shot,” she says of one image in which the trio hang out on a couch. “He was trying to tell me. I had to get up and clean him off.”

I like how the only sane person in that whole Vogue cover shoot was a baby. A baby who probably can’t control her bladder, and yet knows well enough that enabling Kimye’s little delusion is some bullsh!t. “Are you kidding me with this? You’re putting thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing on ten dollars of silicone? And what’s with the iPad? You’re photoshopping is terrible! F*ck it, I’m just going to pee on all of this. It started with pee, it will end with pee!”

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