Kim Kardashian considers herself victimised

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Before we jump into this, I want to remind you of a few things so that we have some context here. Okay? Okay. Kim Kardashian has earned almost $85 Million off her freemium game and has turned her last wedding into a massive reality TV event for money and attention–making untold millions off of the gullible and stupid. Context provided? Awesome. Here she is complaining about how victimized she is because people keep talking about the dumb sh!t she says. How prescient of her. Via BBC News:

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw, Kim Kardashian West says she is the most “victimised” by the press. The reality TV star complained that everything she says gets taken out of context and told Grimmy she is treated worse than her family members. “They take everything you say, these days, and twist it in to something negative.”

Well, if GQ ever wanted to shoot all of their credibility in the foot, presenting Kim Kardashian with Woman of the Year was a good start. Oh, I’m sorry, Kim Kardashian WEST. Either way, I’d probably be a lot more receptive to this if this wasn’t coming out of Kim. While the logical answer would be to think about what she says, Kim will gladly say or do anything if it means people talk about her. She’d rename herself Kim Kardashian-West-I-Leaked-The-Fappening-It-Was-Me-Jenner, Esquire if she thought it would get her on TMZ. And then she’d complain about how it was taken out of context because she’s the worst.

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