Kim Kardashian: Obsessed with losing her baby weight

Kim Kardashian

(Hint hint, Weight Watchers…)

Kim Kardashian

During Kim Kardashian‘s pregnancy, a certain someone (guess who) started planting rumors that Kim was angling to score a Weight Watchers deal so that she could regain her pre-pregnancy body while getting paid for it. It didn’t help that Kim went out of her way to be photographed in the most unflattering maternity wear possible, but to be fair, Kim’s pre-pregnancy style sucked pretty hard anyway. Despite the fact that Weight Watchers outright dismissed her, Kim is still harping on about her weight, as evidenced by this report from RadarOnline about how she wants to lose weight …

“When Kim stacked on the weight, Kanye’s vision of her maternity fashion went out the drain,” an insider says. “He’s not happy about how much weight she gained — and said it’s her job to get rid of it quickly.”

“She’s terrified she will never get her body back,” the first source adds. “Everyone has told her not to stress — that it’s about being healthy and having a good mind-set for your baby, not about losing the weight right away. But her family knows that at the end of the day, Kim will do what Kim wants.”

I’ll give Kim credit where credit is due: She knows how to stick to a plot line. Sure, Kim’s weight loss story arch has been done to death at this point, but at least her writers are willing to stick it out to the very end. Most shows would have just clumsily written it out, but they’re going to beat this dead horse until it’s glue. THAT’s commitment.

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