Kim Kardashian thinks she’s being conned by Andy Warhol’s cousin

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

So apparently, Kanye West has been commissioning Monica Warhol (who claims to be Andy Warhol‘s cousin) to paint portraits of Kim Kardashian for thousands of dollars because there are not enough pictures of Kim in the world. Well, according to TMZ, Kim now thinks that Monica is just conning them and that she isn’t really related to Andy. Yes, how dare someone con others out of their money by using someone else’s name for personal, and then accuse Monica of doing the same thing!

Monica Warhol – a Tucson artist whose style is similar to Andy’s – tells TMZ Kanye’s people contacted her two weeks ago … and gave her a pic of Kim and asked her to create a screen painting of the photo. Warhol says she’s already created 9 different Kim paintings … and says her pieces generally sell for $20K to $70K apiece. But sources close to Kim tell TMZ … she’s never heard of the woman … and thinks the whole thing may be a scam or a way for Warhol to get publicity – her 15 minutes of fame. When we called Warhol back, she gave us an explanation for why she’s being rebuffed by Kim & Kanye … she thinks the painting may have been intended as a surprise gift … and now that the surprise has been ruined … K&K don’t want it.

Well of course Kanye, the biggest name dropper in the world, would be strung along by an artist just because she had the name Warhol attached to her. It really kind of shows just how easily persuaded Kanye is by a name that he would immediately jump onto someone with a fake title without actually taking into account credibility or talent or — OH. That’s why he’s dating Kim! It all makes sense now.

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