Kim Kardashian’s boobs were on an album cover!

Kim Kardashian

You’d figure that Kim Kardashian, a woman whose career started because of a sex tape and who absorbs publicity like a plant absorbs sunshine and water, wouldn’t mind if someone featured a picture of her naked on an album cover. Except whoops! They did it without her permission (and without payment), and now she’s demanding they remove the picture the used from one of her magazine shoots – Wait, which one was that again? The one she bitch-slapped because she said she felt “exploited” they showed her boobs, or the one she did after throwing her ancestors who died in the Armenian Genocide under the bus?

Turns out, two music producers — Terrace Martin and Devi Dev — used a photo of a woman’s bare chest on the cover of their album Terrace Martin & Devi Dev Present: The Sex EP … and it just so happens the image was a close up from Kim’s nude photo spread in W magazine. Kim’s lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter to Terrace and Devi demanding they swap out the pic — and stated, “We cannot imagine why you thought you had the right to use this photograph without permission.” SOURCE

On one hand, no, they shouldn’t have just stolen an image and claimed it as their own, because that’s fucking stupid. On the other hand …oh, who the hell are we kidding. You could slap Kim Kardashian’s hairy mug on the box of a douching kit and she’d still smile and wave to the camera as long as you paid her enough. And for five dollars extra, you could even convince her to give a live-demonstration in front of a group of small impressionable children as long as you promised pictures would end up on TMZ.

Kim Kardashian

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