Kim Kardashian filmed her wedding for fans?

Kim Kardashian

Full disclosure here: I saw the first part of Kim’s Fairytale Wedding reality special last night (not of my own volition, mind you: my sixteen-year-old brother is apparently a fan. I have never been more ashamed of him in my entire life.) and it is just … awful. So damn awful, it hurts. Kim Kardashian is certainly not a naturally charming or interesting person, and all the scripted drama between her and hubby Kris Humphries was boring, irritating, and badly acted, and oh my God I wish gout on every single person affiliated with this shit show. Anyway, Kim wants to set the record clear that she filmed this televised marital crime against humanity because she didn’t want to disappoint her fans. Really. The Daily Mail reports:

She said: ‘That was a really big discussion, we took weeks to decide if we were going to film it or not, but I felt like my fans – everyone that has gone on this journey with me, seeing different relationships that I’ve been in – would feel cheated if I didn’t film it. She added: ‘It was something that Kris and I were okay with, and the beauty of it is we get to edit it. It [will be] great to look back at that and see this time in our lives.’ Kim also talked about how the extravagant wedding, which earned the couple $1.5 million from picture sales alone, was actually an intimate affair.

Yes, your fans. I’m sure that’s why you filmed it. Not because you’re an opportunistic whore who would kill her sisters in cold blood if E! offered her a bag of cash and a cover story in People magazine, but because you didn’t want to disappoint the legion of people who simply cannot function without the intimate details of a boring, selfish, useless skank.

Kim Kardashian

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