Kim Kardashian gets around (If you know what I mean!)

Now that Kim Kardashian has entered her ‘fuck anything with a dick and an agent’ phase of her famewhore career, Kim has been seen hanging around with Halle Berry‘s ex-boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry. Which makes sense, because Kim is basically the poor, blind, deaf, lobotomized man’s version of Halle.

“Kim and Gabriel met a few times while they were both in New York, and there was definitely chemistry,” an insider tells Life & Style about the pair. “But when Kim returned to Los Angeles last Thursday, they really took it to the next level. They went out to dinner, caught the Lakers game and spent time at Kim’s house.” SOURCE

Not to play favorites or judge the new couple or anything, but I think we should all try and remember here that Gabriel had a daughter with Halle, while Kim got pissed on by a washed-up rapper with a lame reality show on VH1. Clearly, someone traded down here, and it’s not the hooker with the heart ass of gold brie cheese.


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