Kim Kardashian has a song out too? Fantastic!

Apparently, ‘create a generic, vanilla-pop dance track’ was up next on Kim Kardashian‘s famewhore to-do list, because lo and behold, the girl has just inflicted Shake on the world. Aren’t you all just ever so lucky? Anyway, as far as I can tell, the song is about exactly what you think it is: The fact that Kim ass is so gigantic, it literally shakes when she walks, which pretty much makes this a bland, bargain bin version of KelisMilkshake. Congratulations; your ass will one day cause the Earth to wobble off of its natural orbit and plummet into the sun, killing us all. And you wrote a song about it. Weeee.

(UPDATE: Kim claimed via Twitter that the song isn’t hers but it sure does sound like her!)

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