Kim Kardashian tweeted Barbie!

Kim Kardashian and Barbie

Hold onto this fact before we delve into this next story: Kim Kardashian is a money-grubbing whore and she reportedly charges $10,000 per tweet. Got that? Good. On Christmas, Kim logged onto Twitter and sent a tweet to Barbie, wishing her a Merry Christmas and generally acting like she was a real human being and not something plastic manufactured for mass consumption. What followed was the single most inane conversation ever. The Huffington Post reports:

Kardashian sent out a series of tweets on Sunday evening, including two messages to the official Twitter account of Barbie. “Merry Christmas Barbs @BarbieStyle! Long time no see! What did Ken get you for Christmas? Miss you doll!” she wrote to the social media account of a fictitious plastic toy. When the toy became sentient and responded, Kardashian added, “I’m sure we will be seeing lots of each other! Shopping soon! Xo RT @BarbieStyle: Happy Doll-idays to you too @KimKardashian! See you in 2012?”

So there are two possible explanations for this: the first and most reasonable one is that they paid Kim to tweet Barbie on Christmas because Kim is a colossal cash-sucking skank who you know would spend Christmas pimping out assorted goods for money. The second explanation is that Kim has finally snapped and now sees Barbie as a friend, if only because she too is a plastic, lifeless, emotionless cartoon replica of a human being continuously mass-produced. Actually, both of these theories are equally valid.

Kim Kardashian and Barbie

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