Kim Kardashian vs. Cosmo!

Kim Kardashian

Did you know that there’s a Turkish version of Cosmopolitan magazine? Yup, it’s true! So basically, now the women of Turkey have their own version of the magazine that glorifies every negative female stereotype under the guise of feminism! Yay for them! Unfortunately, they just used Kim Kardashian on the cover of their latest issue, which is super awkward because it turns out Turkey is responsible for the Armenian Genocide, and April just so happens to be the month where they honor those who died. Oh, and Kim happens to be Armenian, soooooooo … awkward.

We’re told Kim — an Armenian-American who has been vocal about the genocide — did an international photo shoot that went to various magazines published by Cosmo, but she didn’t know it would end up on the Turkish version of the mag. Sources say Cosmo let Kim’s people know which international outlets of the magazine would use her picture — but we’re told Cosmo never mentioned Turkey to Kim or her reps.  Our sources say Kim would never have approved the use of her pic in the Turkish version. We contacted Cosmo for a statement … and here’s what they told us — “Kim Kardashian is one of our favorite cover girls.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph her for the Cosmopolitan editions worldwide.” SOURCE

Oh get fucked, Cosmo. Your magazine is a ham-fisted hackjob of a magazine that in no way reflects how women actually think and feel. And for fuck’s sake, you’re actually making me agree with Kim Kardashian on something. You miserable fucking bastards. Or bitches. Whatever. I mean yes, maybe this will finally teach Kim to be more careful about what she signs her name onto so that she doesn’t end up pimping out credit cards that financially ruin teenage girls or appearing on the cover of the genocidal version of Cosmo.

UPDATE: Scratch that, Kim has learned nothing: She’s now doing another photoshoot for Cosmo not even 24 hours after finding out about the Turkish Cosmo cover. To be fair, in Kim’s mind, a little money and publicity > GENOCIDE.

Kim Kardashian

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